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Kitchen wall decoration tips

Kitchen wall decoration tips

Decorating kitchen walls is of vital importance as it enhances the overall aesthetics of your home. Whatever aesthetics you bring to your living room, bedrooms, and other spaces, if the kitchen decor is just about average, naturally, it will bring a sour taste to the overall aesthetics. In the past, a cursory glance at the kitchen would reveal a dingy and boring wall, a redundant faux paint job replete with some funny-looking ivy or fruit-themed stencil work. All these are a thing of the past.

A well-decorated kitchen wall will certainly metamorphose your cooking and dining experience. There are a few kitchen decor ideas that will eventually help you to transform your tired kitchen walls into a source of inspiration.


Colour is certainly one of the best and most inexpensive choices that will add aesthetics to your kitchen. The in-thing is the usage of a three-color palette, which is in vogue across the globe. It depends on what kind of color patterns you choose to enhance the look of your kitchen. The first color is an existing one in your kitchen that can be replaced. Actually, this can as well be the color of the countertop or cabinets. The second color is a neutral one of your choice. You can use it for the new kitchen wall color that compliments the first color. For, it will serve as your decor backdrop. The third color is the one that makes your kitchen exquisite and unique. What's more, it is often a bold and unexpected color that works with your palette. While the third color adds pop to your kitchen, you might as well use it as a piece of statement for your accessories such as bar stools, flower vases, or cookware.

Focal Point

A focal point is where the best kitchen decor ideas actually start. You have to make your kitchen decor from a visitor's perspective. For that to happen, you need to walk into your kitchen and contemplate what catches your attention. Are you seeing the things, something you like? If you are not seeing things of your liking, then figure out what you have noticed first. Then, you have to make that particular spot and the closest wall your focal point, which is not only eye-catching but also would visually jump at you. In contrast with other parts of the kitchen, the focal point is bold and unique as well. While creating a focal wall in your kitchen, consider one of these techniques given below: Either paint your focal wall in the bold shade you choose for your kitchen's three-color palette or hang a large piece of art or a painting on the focal wall, where you can use textured, patterned or vibrantly-colored wallpaper as well. As it is a solitary wall, don't hesitate to dress up your focal point in style!

Open shelves

Another latest trend in the kitchen wall decore is open shelving. After you are done with the aesthetic coloring of your focal wall, it is your turn to add layers. Gone are the days of kitchen cabinets. The in-thing in kitchen design is the open wall shelves, which lightens up your kitchen by creating the much-needed visual space. You don't have to tear out your upper cabinets. Instead, you can try updating your kitchen wall decor by keeping a couple of floating shelves in place on an open wall. The floating shelves are not only easy in terms of installation but also available in many styles. Care has to be taken to keep the floating shelf display items to the minimum, in addition to the coordination of colors to get that aesthetic look. You can also remove the doors off of one or two kitchen cabinets and use paint or wallpaper at the back of the cabinet for that perfect look. To add vigor to the sight, add LED under-cabinet lighting in order to highlight the items. If cabinet wiring becomes cumbersome, you can consider buying battery-powered lights that are readily available in the marketplace.