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Building credibility on the lineage of 30 years trust.

The year 1992. The seed of trust was sown in the world of finance by Mr. Suresh Chand Kothari. In its 30 eventful years, the seed has spread its roots of credibility and success in automotive and property finance. And today, it stands imposingly as Lucky Mercantile Limited, the symbol of trust and credibility. Inspired by its success in the finance world and to cash on the growing opportunities in the world of property development, Lucky Mercantile Limited ventured into the world of property development by starting LML Homes in the year 2005.

Today, in just a span of just 12 years, LML Homes, headed by Mr. Mahesh Kothari, the Managing Director and the son of Chairman Mr.Suresh Chand Kothari, has emerged as one of the most trusted property development companies in Chennai pursuing excellence in construction by building a quality home at an affordable price. Truly, the lineage is trust continues in the world of LML. We are devoted to transforming local landscapes with global lifestyles: making living experiences refreshing and authentic while creating a positive impact on the society we live in. LML Homes, one of the best real estate companies in Chennai, balances simplicity and opulence across all its spaces by creating an environment that appeals to the senses, imagination and lifestyle of our customers across diverse segments.

Thinking ahead looking beyond

LML Homes is built on the foundation of trust and ethical business practices. It is this unwavering commitment pursued devotedly since our inception in 2005 that stands today as the pillars of our success in the world of property development. Going beyond delivering quality homes, we at LML Homes have built relationships and have nurtured the trust of our customers. Professionalism is the key word for us at LML Homes to pursue our goals. Whether it is offering a 360 degree integrated service in home buying to our discerning customers or building homes that are environmentally friendly, we always deliver the best. This unrelenting quest drives us to cement our excellence in concrete.

Aiming bigger scaling higher

Apartments for Sale


Develop high quality architecturally appealing residential living spaces. Provide home buyers with a functional design layout and amenities to meet the desired lifestyle. Ensure our homes are cost effective, affordable and the delivery is on time.

Apartments for Sale


Employ renowned architects, experienced engineers and skilled workforce to guarantee the quality of construction. Adopt state-of-the-art construction technologies to complete projects faster, saving on project cost, ensuring timely delivery and living up to customer’s expectations.

The touch of quality built in every masterpiece

These are underlying foundation upon which LML Homes has built its core principles to create new cityscapes. This whole new concept in community living - a work of art promises contemporary lifestyle complete with the best of living luxuries in environments inspired by nature. The standing testimonials to this cherished passion are the 34 prestigious projects of LML Homes comprising of over 300 lifestyle homes. To deliver the projects of such magnitude on time, unmatched in terms of quality and speed, LML Homes employs state-of- the- art technologies, experienced professional and skilled workforce.

Apartments for Sale

The core principles of making happy homes

A remarkably versatile template packed with features.


LML Homes focus is to provide the highest quality homes. The quest starts from sourcing quality raw material to choosing high end fittings and fixtures to check quality at every stage of construction till the delivery of homes.


Value for money is the driving force at LML Homes. What starts as an investment for home buyers grows into a valuable asset. Identifying locations with growth prospects and building homes there is the mantra of success at LML Homes.


LML Homes maintains ethical practices and transparent business work culture with honesty. Building strong relationships with clients, vendors and employees ushers in positivity and nurtures harmony at LML Homes to passionately pursue excellence in construction.