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Five vegetables you can grow in your balcony garden

Five vegetables you can grow in your balcony garden

The joy of nurturing a garden on the balcony of your home is something that gives abundant happiness. With people getting very health conscious, there is a new enthusiasm for growing vegetables. The need for organic vegetables is high, and when they can be grown in the house, you need not worry about the market's unhealthy picks.

The path to a healthy lifestyle begins at home, and you can grow vegetables quickly to make them a happy part of your cooking. It would be best to have good soil, proper watering technique, sufficient fertilization, and not use pesticides. While all the vegetables cannot be grown in the limited space, here are 5 options that could be part of your balcony garden. We all love tomatoes. It is a staple in almost all our daily cooking. Having the cute red tomatoes in the balcony garden is a great idea. These are grown in summer, and if the soil and conditions are good, they can be grown throughout the year. Sunlight is the friend of tomatoes; so ideally, it should be kept where they get direct sunlight during the day. Tomatoes are full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is good for the heart and can keep diabetes in check. Cucumbers are best for keeping us hydrated in the summers. It helps detoxify and is a recommended ingredient in the weight loss diet. Setting up proper supports and trellises will help cucumbers grow well if you have space around the balcony garden. Sunlight is needed for cucumbers, and you need to water them sufficiently. Cucumbers need proper care when the flowers blossom and it is best to get expert guidance before planting them. Bell peppers and chillies adorning your balcony garden will be a delightful experience. They are suitable for boosting the immune system. They come in red, yellow, and green, yet the green one is very popular in India. Like tomatoes, they love the sun's rays and need that little space on the balcony.

Chillies are needed daily, so having a plant will make it easy to pluck and use to meet the daily requirement.

Beans can also be grown, and the amount of effort is considerably less compared to others. You can make support using wires or trellises, which will be good enough. It needs a minimum of 4-5 hours of good sunlight. Beans are rich in protein and are suitable for the heart, too.

Scallions or green onions are also a favorite of homemakers, growing very fast. This needs minimum light and is also a great companion for tomatoes in salads. They are suitable for healthy cooking and taste good when included in noodles and fried rice. Get set and go healthy by growing vegetables in the balcony garden of your apartment.